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Table 2 Numbers of significantly changed genes by each gene deletion and genes exhibiting the same pattern of change for both deletions under three different metabolic states (the genes exhibiting the same pattern for both deletions under acidogenesis are listed in Table 3)

From: Elucidation of the roles of adhE1 and adhE2 in the primary metabolism of Clostridium acetobutylicum by combining in-frame gene deletion and a quantitative system-scale approach

  ΔadhE1 ΔadhE2 Same pattern in ΔadhE1 and ΔadhE2 Notea
Up-regulation under acidogenesis 100 119 50 Most CymR regulons are included
Down-regulation under acidogenesis 108 170 89 Most butanol response genes are included
Up-regulation under solventogenesis 55 22 0  
Down-regulation under solventogenesis 127 17 1 CA_C3612
Up-regulation under alcohologenesis 1 35 0  
Down-regulation under alcohologenesis 14 38 1 CA_C3274
  1. aRepresentative features or locus number of the sole gene showing same pattern under certain condition are shown