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Fig. 3

From: The two Rasamsonia emersonii α-glucuronidases, ReGH67 and ReGH115, show a different mode-of-action towards glucuronoxylan and glucuronoxylo-oligosaccharides

Fig. 3

RP-UHPLC-UV-MS profiles [UV (340 nm) and total ion current (TIC)] of 2-AA-labelled AAc (a) and MS2 fragmentation spectra (b) of the in (a) annotated peaks: 1 XXU4m2 (856 m/z), 2,3,6 XXU4m2, U4m2XX, XU4m2X (724 m/z), 4 U4m2 (460 m/z), 5,7 XU4m2, U4m2X (592 m/z). Filled triangle 4-O-methylglucuronic acid

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