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Table 2 Comparative analysis of the cell wall composition of the Mucor sp. and algae Chlorella sp.

From: Mycoalgae biofilm: development of a novel platform technology using algae and fungal cultures

Species Cell wall composition (% dry weight of cell wall) Ref.
Mucor sp. Chitin Chitosan Mannose Fucose Galactose Glucuronic acid Glucose Protein Lipid Phosphate Unknown substances
M. rouxiia (hyphae) 9.4 32.7 1.6 3.8 1.6 11.8 0 6.3 7.8 23.3   [20]
Chlorella vulgaris 30 (total saccharides) 2.46 15.0   52.54 [21]
  1. The carbohydrate composition varies strongly based on the algae strain and cultivation conditions