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Table 4 Genomic resequencing results from strains in the present study: large-scale sequence variations and their occurrence in each strain

From: Strain and bioprocess improvement of a thermophilic anaerobe for the production of ethanol from wood

Locus Nucleotides Description LL1025 (WT) M863 M1442 M2886
Tsac_0179   Engineered ldh deletion WT Deletion Deletion Deletion
Tsac_0389 424,393–424,493 Small deletion in CRISPR repeat region WT Deletion Deletion Deletion
Tsac_0832 875,581–875,753 Small deletion in intergenic repeat region WT Deletion Deletion Deletion
Tsac_1744–1745   Engineered pta/ack deletion WT Deletion Deletion Deletion
Tsac_2564 2618,783–2618,797 Transposon insertion in putative promoter of gene for PTS IIA subunit WT Putative transposon Putative transposon Putative transposon
Tsac_0795   Engineered deletion WT WT Deletion Deletion
Tsac_1474–1477   Engineered deletion of EPS gene cluster WT WT Deletion Deletion
Tsac_2114   Engineered mgs deletion/insertion WT WT WT Breakpoints in 23 % of reads b
Tsac_2491   Engineered perR deletion WT WT WT Deletion
  1. aThe pta/ack genes were re-introduced elsewhere in the genome
  2. bThe fraction of the reads supporting the mutation (left and right breakpoints averaged). This value was >90 % for all other breakpoints