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Table 7 Alternative products

From: Hydrocarbon bio-jet fuel from bioconversion of poplar biomass: techno-economic assessment

Product Annual capacity Estimated selling price Gross revenue (million USD)
Jet fuel 380 ML 0.80USD L−1 [20, 21] 300
Ethanol 600 ML 0.55 USD L−1 [20, 21] 330
Ethylene 285,000 t 1320 USD t−1 [20, 21] 375
Ethyl acetate 475,000 t 1320 USD t−1 [20, 21] 625
  1. A facility with the capacity to process 1.13 Mt y−1 of bone dry biomass could produce any one of the products. Shown here are four different setups a single biorefinery could have, but do not take into consideration any capital cost implications of biorefinery modifications. The table shows gross revenue given the referenced selling price