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Table 2 SNPs and amino acid substitutions in SWEET proteins between the cultivars SIL-05 and BTx623

From: The sorghum SWEET gene family: stem sucrose accumulation as revealed through transcriptome profiling

Gene name Chromosomal location Nucleotide Amino acid
BTx623 SIL-05 BTx623 SIL-05
SbSWEET1-2 Chr 1: 59,381,183 A T F Y
SbSWEET3-7 Chr 3: 60,636,090 G A V I
SbSWEET4-1 Chr 4: 20,557,328 G C L V
SbSWEET4-3 Chr 4: 35,163,171 C G E D
SbSWEET9-3 Chr 9: 58,680,805 C G G A