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Fig. 3

From: Lessons learned from the microbial ecology resulting from different inoculation strategies for biogas production from waste products of the bioethanol/sugar industry

Fig. 3

Venn diagram of the core OTUs (a) and phyla (b) of the bacterial communities. Three distinct sampling times during experiments with different inoculation strategies (MIX and FCM) for the co-digestion of filter cake and bagasse were assessed. The 18 core OTUs in the greyscale Venn diagram were from the 125, 224 and 110 core OTUs identified in the four reactors at day 0, 44 and 113, respectively. In the same way, the 11 core phyla presented also in a greyscale Venn diagram were from the 17, 23 and 16 core phyla found in all reactors at day 0, 44 and 113, respectively. The Venn diagrams were prepared according to Oliveros [52]

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