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Table 2 Performance comparison for biological hexanoic acid production

From: Production of medium-chain carboxylic acids by Megasphaera sp. MH with supplemental electron acceptors

Substrate Inoculum Time (Day) Maximum hexanoic acid (g L−1) Productivity (g L−1H) References
Fructose, acetate, butyrate Megasphaera sp. MH (pure culture) 1 9.7 0.41 This study
Galactitol, acetate, butyrate Clostridium sp. BS-1 (pure culture) 3–16a 6.96–32.0a 0.28–0.34 Jeon et al. [28]
Glucose Megasphaera elsdenii ATCC 25940 (pure culture) 5–8.3a 2.6–11.4a 0.03–0.13 Roddick and Britz [29]
Ethanol, acetate C. kluyveri 3231B (pure culture) 3 12.8 0.175 Weimer and Stevenson [6]
Lactate Mature pit mud, enriched Clostridium cluster IV 5–16a 12.93–23.93a 0.06–0.108a Zhu et al. [30]
Acetate, butyrate, ethanol Mixed culture 500 0.9 0.0375 Agler et al. [31]
  1. a Fed batch or product removal during fermentation