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Fig. 1

From: Cell-free synthesis of functional phospholipase A1 from Serratia sp.

Fig. 1

Expression of recombinant PLA1 in E. coli. Escherichia coli strain BL21 (DE3) was grown in 400 mL of LB media after being transformed with the plasmid pET21a Serr PLA1. Samples of culture broth were taken throughout the culture period to measure optical density at 600 nm (a) and PLA1 activity (b) as described in the “Methods” section. At 16 h after induction with IPTG, the total amount of cellular protein was measured by the BCA assay (c). Arrows indicate the time point for IPTG induction. Results from the E. coli cultures with or without IPTG induction are shown in closed and open circles, respectively. Error bars represent the standard deviation from three independent experiments

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