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Fig. 5

From: Effect of tungstate on acetate and ethanol production by the electrosynthetic bacterium Sporomusa ovata

Fig. 5

Transcript abundance fold change of a AOR-coding genes, b ADH-coding genes and c FDH α-subunit-coding genes in the presence of 10× tungstate versus 1× tungstate. aor1, aor2, aor3, aor4, mop1, and mop2 are coding for AORs. SOV_1c02190, SOV_2c03040, and SOV_3c00580 are annotated as class IV ADH. adh is annotated as an iron-type ADH and adhB is annotated as ADH2. fdhA1 and fdhA2 are coding, respectively, for α-subunits of FDH1 and FDH2. Results shown are from at least three replicates for each condition

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