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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: A novel strain of Yarrowia lipolytica as a platform for value-added product synthesis from glycerol

Strain Genotype or plasmid Source
E. coli
 DH5α F− endA1 glnV44 thi-1 recA1 relA1 gyrA96 deoR nupG Φ80dlacZΔM15 Δ(lacZYA-argF)U169, hsdR17(rK− mK+), λ− [35]
 DH5α pMCSUAS1B16-TEF-lacZ [23]
 DH5α pMT-Ura-Gut-XT [9]
 DH5α pADUTGut1 This study
 DH5α pADUTGut2 This study
Y. lipolytica
 A101 Wild type [17]
 AJD MATA, A101: ura3-302 [9]
 AJD pADUTGut1 MATA, A101: ura3-302, pADUTGut1 This study
 AJD pADUTGut2 MATA, A101: ura3-302, pADUTGut2 This study
 AJD pADUTGut1/2 MATA, A101: ura3-302, pADUTGut1 pADUTGut2 This study