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Table 1 Comparison of Y. lipolytica Po1g and PGC01003 strains in shaking flask

From: Robust succinic acid production from crude glycerol using engineered Yarrowia lipolytica

  Fermentation time (h) Glycerol consumption rate (g L−1 h−1) μ max (h−1)a CDW (g L−1) CAC (g L−1)b CSA (g L−1)c SA productivity (g L−1 h−1) YSA (g g−1)d
Po1 g 72 0.84 0.53 13.9 0.02 0.44 _ 0.02
PGC01003 72 1.12 0.40 5.6 5.70 5.51 0.08 0.24
  1. a μ max is the maximum specific growth rate
  2. bCAC is the concentration of acetic acid in the fermentation broth
  3. cCSA is the concentration of succinic acid in the fermentation broth
  4. dYSA is the yield of succinic acid per gram of consumed glycerol