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Table 2 The source and components of the 2,3-BDO pathway constructed and the corresponding 2,3-BDO titer (g/L) after 24-h post-inoculation in Z. mobilis 8b

From: Metabolic engineering of Zymomonas mobilis for 2,3-butanediol production from lignocellulosic biomass sugars

Strain Plasmid Promoter Species Enzymes Codon optimization BDO (g/L)
8b-GS6 pEZ-GS6 Wild-type E. cloacea AldC, Bdh No 1.42
8b-GS2 pEZ-GS2 Pgap E. cloacea AldC, Bdh Yes 3.69
8b-BC3 pEZ-BC3 Pgap, Peno B. lincheniformis AldC, Bdh Yes 2.88
8b-BC4 pEZ-BC4 Wild-type E. cloacea Als, AldC, Bdh No 1.9
8b-BC5 pEZ-BC5 Peno, Pgap E. cloacea Als, AldC, Bdh Yes 5.0
  1. Culture condition: 40 mL RMG8 in 125-mL flask, 33 °C, 120 rpm
  2. EC E. cloacea; BL B. licheniformis