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Table 6 Concentrations of four nutrient salts in sewage water and liquid fertilizer

From: Advantageous characteristics of the diatom Chaetoceros gracilis as a sustainable biofuel producer

  F/2 (ppm) Daigo IMK (ppm) Sewage water (ppm) Liquid fertilizer (ppm)
Phosphate 3.46 3.66 4 200
Nitrate 54.7 146 (7) 0
Nitrite 0 0 0.5 0
Ammonium 0 0.92 18 3000
  1. Seawater prepared with sea salts enriched with F/2 medium and with Marine Art SF-1 enriched with Daigo IMK medium and both media subjected to analysis after preparation, values for F/2 and Daigo IMK calculated from their respective recipes, liquid fertilizer diluted tenfold with pure water and centrifuged at 6500×g for 10 min to precipitate suspended materials before analysis, and nitrite presence somewhat disturbed nitrate determinations in sewage water (indicated by parentheses)