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Fig. 4

From: Inhibition of microbial biofuel production in drought-stressed switchgrass hydrolysate

Fig. 4

Chemical genomic analysis of hydrolysate variation. a Fitness heat map for yeast mutants in corn stover (CS) and switchgrass (SG) hydrolysates. The genome-wide yeast deletion mutant collection was grown in fifteen different hydrolysate batches (n = 3 per feedstock) and a synthetic hydrolysate (SynH2.1) control (n = 3). The abundance of each mutant was assessed by sequencing the strain-specific barcodes and a fitness score was determined relative to the synthetic hydrolysate control. Mutants sensitive to the hydrolysate conditions are shown in blue and resistant are shown in yellow, compared to the abundance in the SynH2.1 control. The (3) represents the 36H56 variety and the (P) represents the P0448R variety of corn stover. b Fitness plot of yeast mutants grown in 2012 ASGH. The most resistant (fitness > 4) and susceptible mutants (fitness < −5) are labeled and shown in red. c Intersection of yeast mutants that are highly susceptible or resistant to all hydrolysates, only the 2012 ASGH, or all hydrolysates except the 2012 ASGH. *The fitness of these mutants was statistically different (p < 0.001) in the 2012 ASGH versus the other four hydrolysates [2013 ASGH, 2010 CS (36H56), 2012 CS (P0448R), 2013 CS (P0448R)]

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