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Fig. 7

From: Inhibition of microbial biofuel production in drought-stressed switchgrass hydrolysate

Fig. 7

Imidazole and pyrazine detection and quantification in AFEX-treated biomass and hydrolysates. a Overlaid mass spectrometric chromatogram of ethyl acetate extracts of AFEX-treated switchgrass hydrolysates. Each line represents a replicate batch of hydrolysate (2012: n = 3; 2010 and 2013: n = 2). b Imidazole and pyrazine content of untreated and AFEX-treated corn stover (CS) and switchgrass (SG). c Correlation between imidazole and pyrazine content of AFEX-treated biomass and untreated biomass soluble sugars (sucrose, glucose fructose, xylose, arabinose, and galactose)

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