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TableĀ 1 Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis of peptide from control and inactivated samples

From: Improvement of catalytic performance of lignin peroxidase for the enhanced degradation of lignocellulose biomass based on the imbedded electron-relay in long-range electron transfer route

Samples Observed peak (m/z) Molecular weight (Da) Sequence and modification
Expected Calculated
WT-control 566.9209 1694.7409 1697.7468 TACEWQSFVNNQSK
C3: Carbamidomethyl
WT-inactivated 589.5857 1765.7353 1765.7379 TACEWQSFVNNQSK
W5: 1Guaiacol, Q6: Deamidated, N10: Deamidated
W251A-inactivated 571.2548 1710.7426 1709.6852 TACEAQSFVNNQSK
F8: 1Guaiacol
A242D-inactivated 487.7306 1946.8934 1947.772 TACEWQSFVNNQSK
W5: 1Guaiacol, F8: 1Guaiacol