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Fig. 9

From: Genome and methylome of the oleaginous diatom Cyclotella cryptica reveal genetic flexibility toward a high lipid phenotype

Fig. 9

Phylogenetic analysis of hexose transporters in C. cryptica (Cyccr) and T. pseudonana (Thaps). All genes contain PF00083 Sugar (and other) transporter domain. Highlighted gene is hypothetical heterotrophic glucose transporter in C. cryptica and with nearest matches to that transporter found in the diatoms T. oceanica, F. cylindrus, the haptophyte E. huxleyi, and stramenopile N. gaditana. Phylogeny was generated using default parameters in RAxML_GUI v1.3 and is mid-point rooted. Abbreviations and accession numbers are found in Additional file 4

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