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Table 2 Primers used in this study

From: Enhanced production of 2,3-butanediol by engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae through fine-tuning of pyruvate decarboxylase and NADH oxidase activities

Primers Restriction site Sequence
Cloning of PDC genes
 F_XmaI_CtPDC1 Xma I tcccCCCGGGaaaatgtctgaaattactttgggtag
 R_SalI_CtPDC1 Sal I acgcGTCGACtttattcttgagcagcgttg
 F_XmaI_KmPDC1 Xma I tcccCCCGGGaaaatgtctgaaattactctaggtcg
 R_SalI_KmPDC1 Sal I acgcGTCGACtttattcttgcttggcgtt
 F_XmaI_ScPDC1 Xma I tcccCCCGGGatgtctgaaattactttgggtaa
 R_SalI_ScPDC1 Sal I acgcGTCGACttattgcttagcgttggtag
 F_XmaI_ScPDC5 Xma I tcccCCCGGGatgtctgaaataaccttaggtaaata
 R_SalI_ScPDC5 Sal I acgcGTCGACttattgtttagcgttagtagcg
 F_XmaI_ScPDC6 Xma I tcccCCCGGGatgtctgaaattactcttggaaaatac
 R_SalI_ScPDC6 Sal I acgcGTCGACttattgtttggcatttgtagc
 Cloning of AUR1-C gene
 F_SnaBI_AUR1-C SnaB I agcttgtcacctTACGTAaaagtgcccatcagtgttc
 R_MfeI_AUR1-C Mfe I ataaccgggtCAATTGcagaggaaagaataacgcaa
  1. Bold and capital characters are restriction enzyme sites