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Table 4 Cellular sulfur and sulfured nutriments in two culture conditions in the presence and absence of thiosulfate

From: Hydrogen production by the hyperthermophilic bacterium Thermotoga maritima part I: effects of sulfured nutriments, with thiosulfate as model, on hydrogen production and growth

Growth condition S-YE S-thiosulfate Cells S-cells S-cells/S-(YE + thio)
mmol L−1 mg L−1 mmol L−1 %
Growth in presence of yeast extract (1 g L−1) and in absence of thiosulfate 0.07 0.00 128 0.025 35
Growth in presence of both yeast extract (1 g L−1) and thiosulfate (0.06 mmol L−1) 0.07 0.12 354 0.068 36
  1. S-YE was the sulfured organic fraction, such as cystine and methionine, present in 1 g L−1 of yeast extract. S-thiosulfate was the sulfur from thiosulfate present at 0.06 mol L−1 (2 mol of S per mole of thiosulfate). Cells represented the maximum concentrations obtained in the two growth conditions (data coming from Table 3). S-cells corresponded to the cellular sulfur. S-cells/S-(YE + thio) was the molar ratio of the cellular sulfur on the total of the yeast–sulfur and thiosulfate–sulfur