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Fig. 7

From: Succinate production positively correlates with the affinity of the global transcription factor Cra for its effector FBP in Escherichia coli

Fig. 7

The combination of Cra and pckp by EMSA and ITC experiments. EMSA experiment with increasing concentrations of pure Cra protein. Molar ratios of pckp:Cra were 1:0 (lane 1), 1:0.5 (lane 2), 1:1 (lane 3), 1:2 (lane 4), 1:4 (lane 5), 1:8 (lane 6), and 1:10 (lane 7). pckp (1.5 μM) in the absence of FBP (a) and the gray value determined using Quantity one (b). pckp (1.5 μM) in the presence of 1 mM FBP (c) and the gray value (d). ITC experiment with 15 mM wild-type Cra or mutant variants binding to 1 mM pckp DNA with 50 mM FBP (e)

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