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Fig. 5

From: RNAi downregulation of three key lignin genes in sugarcane improves glucose release without reduction in sugar production

Fig. 5

Partial 2D HSQC NMR spectra. HSQC NMR spectra from enzymatic lignins in DMSO-d6 from the COMT-2 and F5H-2 transgenic sugarcane bagasse, along with the control. The top row shows the aliphatic region, with color-coded assignments of the main lignin to the same-colored corresponding structures. The bottom row of the aromatic and double-bond region shows the lignin polymer H, G, and S structural units along with ferulates (mainly from feruloylated arabinoxylan polysaccharides) and p-coumarates (on both lignin and polysaccharides); again, contour coloration matches that of the structures shown. The aromatic unit quantification values are from volume integration, on an S + G = 100% basis; accuracy is generally good for the G:S units, but p-coumarate and ferulate endgroups are severely overestimated so their integrals should be used only for comparative purposes [74]

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