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Table 3 Localization of Yarrowia and Saccharomyces lipid biosynthetic enzymes

From: A molecular genetic toolbox for Yarrowia lipolytica

Y. lipolytica gene S. cerevisiae homolog sfGFP tag S. cerevisiae
YALI0C11407g (acc1) acc1, hfa1 MI CY, MI
YALI0E34793g (acl1) CY
YALI0D24431g (acl2) CY
YALI0F19514g (ale1) ale1 ER ER
YALI0F06578g (are1) are1 ER ER
YALI0D07986g (dga2) are2 ER ER
YALI0E14443g (cds1) cds1 ER ER, MI
YALI0E32769g (dga1) dga1 ER, LD ER, LD
YALI0F19052g (dgk1) dgk1 ER ER
YALI0C14014g (loa1) loa1 ER ER, LD
YALI0E16797g (lro1) lro1 ER ER
YALI0D27016g (pah1) pah1 CY CY, ER
YALI0E18964g (slc1) slc1 ER, LD ER, LD
YALI0E32035g (tgl1) tgl1 LD ER, LD
YALI0E31515g (tgl2) tgl2 MI MI
YALI0D17534g (tgl3) tgl3 LD LD
YALI0F10010g (tgl4) tgl4 LD LD