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Fig. 2

From: The Coptotermes gestroi aldo–keto reductase: a multipurpose enzyme for biorefinery applications

Fig. 2

Immunolocalization of CgAKR-1 in C. gestroi gut tissues. Gut tissues were incubated with primary anti-CgAKR-1 antibodies and AlexaFluor 568 secondary antibodies and observed under a Leica DMI 6000 microscope. Red fluorescence indicates anti-CgAKR-1 antibody binding; gray represents the gut visualization under white light; and blue fluorescence represents the nucleus in all cells using ProLong Antifade Reagent for Fixed Cells. Images from the red, blue, and white channels were recorded independently and digitally overlaid to produce a final image. Whole gut: salivary glands (SG); foregut (FG); midgut (MG); hindgut (HG). The letters indicate multiple layer image analysis:  a) foregut, b) midgut, c) malphigian tubes d) hindgut. The scale bar corresponds to 124 μm length. Further details of immunolocalization of CgAKR-1 are presented in the Additional file 1 

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