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Fig. 3

From: Rapid in vivo lipid/carbohydrate quantification of single microalgal cell by Raman spectral imaging to reveal salinity-induced starch-to-lipid shift

Fig. 3

The Raman images of control, N3, N5, 2% NaCl N5, and 5% NaCl N3 algal cells. The color bar shows the absolute Raman intensity of the 497 cm−1 band for the starch images and the absolute Raman intensity of the 2850 cm−1 band for the lipid images. The size of each images are indicated by the scale bar. The contrasts for the merged images are normalized to the highest Raman intensity present in the carbohydrate and lipid images of the same cell. The white arrows indicate the starch granules that are engulfed by lipid droplets

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