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Table 3 Unique SNVs and Indels of strains used in this study compared to NCIMB 11955

From: Development and implementation of rapid metabolic engineering tools for chemical and fuel production in Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius NCIMB 11955

Position Strain SNP Gene Locus Effect
Wild type progenitor
3448014 11955ΔpyrE, LS003, LS004 –>T Heat-inducible transcription repressor HcrA BCV53_17050 M184 fs
3791066 11955ΔpyrE, LS003, LS004 G>T MenD BCV53_17050 A496E
71303 LS003, LS004 G>A Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase BCV53_00405 Q292*
1329197 LS003, LS004 G>A MFS transporter BCV53_06565
TM89 Progenitor
1037973 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 A>G L-rhamnose Isomerase BCV53_05120
1466387 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 C>T N-acetyl-gamma-glutamyl-phosphate reductase BCV53_07260 H210Y
1819652 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 T>C Transcriptional repressor codY BCV53_09070 V143A
1842701 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 A>T Chemotaxis Protein CheA BCV53_09205 N322 V
2844365 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 T>C Cytosolic protein BCV53_13935 V1A
3210549 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 T>− 30S ribosomal protein S1 BCV53_15740 N65 fs
3417349 TM89, TM89 ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 A>G Hypothetical protein BCV53_16880
3515110 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 C>T Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase BCV53_17395 D119 N
3515272 TM89, TM89ΔpyrE, TM004, TM242 T>G Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase BCV53_17395 T65P
1970245 TM89ΔpyrE, TM004 C>T Hypothetical protein BCV53_09795 R30C
1987439 TM89ΔpyrE, TM004 G>A
2792244 TM89ΔpyrE, TM004 C>T ABC transporter permease BCV53_13685
3281922 TM89ΔpyrE, TM004 C>– pyrimidine-nucleoside phosphorylase BCV53_16155 G96 fs
3412938 TM89ΔpyrE, TM004 C>A
651725 TM004 A>T Gluconate: proton symporter BCV53_03265 I155F
1671757 TM004 G>A Transposase BCV53_08315 Q167 K
2805178 TM004 T>A Anti-anti-sigma factor BCV53_13745 Q124D
3553391 TM004 G>T Pilus assembly protein PilM BCV53_17610
3759730 TM004 A>G Leucine-tRNA ligase BCV53_18565 Y540H
3760792 TM004 G>A Leucine-tRNA ligase BCV53_18565 P186S
34296* TM242 A>–  
2006731 TM242 G>A Type III restriction modification system methylation subunit BCV53_09980 E266 K