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Fig. 5

From: Expression of Aspergillus niger CAZymes is determined by compositional changes in wheat straw generated by hydrothermal or ionic liquid pretreatments

Fig. 5

Pretreatment-specific CAZy gene expression. a Venn diagram comparing the lists of genes encoding plant-polysaccharide-active CAZymes that are induced (DESeq p adj  < 0.05, FPKM of ≥50 on lignocellulose and log2 FC of ≥3) on the different substrates (see Additional file 4: Table S3 for details on genes in different sections of the Venn diagrams), b β-(1,4)-endogalactanase activity detected on AZCL-galactan (potato). Error bars represent standard errors (n = 3), c The FPKM expression value and targeted proteomics value for a subset of the genes in the Venn diagram and their encoded proteins

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