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Fig. 4

From: Efficient molasses fermentation under high salinity by inocula of marine and terrestrial origin

Fig. 4

DGGE profiles (a), Jaccard matrix (b), and NMDS analysis (c) of terrestrial (T) and marine (M) inocula and cultures enriched at OLR 5—pHi 7. Samples for inocula are representative of cultures prior to any enrichment with molasses. DNA extraction from molasses did not yield any result (data not shown). Samples were collected at the end of the 7-day incubation period for each of the 3 weeks of the enrichment. Fuzzy clustering was performed using the Jaccard distance (aware of band intensity), while community structure (relative abundances) analysis used the abundance-based Jaccard dissimilarity index. Samples closer to one another have a more comparable community structure. NMDS1 shows a clear separation between terrestrial and marine cultures along the enrichment

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