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Table 3 Base case input and output quantity and price assumptions.

From: Stochastic techno-economic analysis of alcohol-to-jet fuel production

  Corn grain Sugarcane Switchgrass Base prices
Water (ML) 1.39E+02 2.51E+02 1.47E+02 88.16
Power (kWh) 1.62E+08 0.07
Natural gas (MJ) 3.73E+09 6.80E+08 1.81E+09 3.88
Feedstock (kg/year) 9.75E+08 3.61E+09 1.32E+09
Other (enzymes, yeast, chemicals) 1.45E+07 2.09E+07 1.34E+07 1.00
DDGS (kg/year) 3.16E+8 0.17
Power for export (kWh/year) 4.08E+07 3.90E+07 0.05
Heavy fuel oil (L/year) 4.43E+6 4.43E+06 4.43E+06 0.65
Propane (L/year) 0.27
Naphtha (L/year) 1.74E+7 1.74E+07 1.74E+06 0.67
Jet (L/year) 1.96E+8 1.96E+08 1.96E+08 0.72
Diesel (L/year) 1.51E+7 1.51E+07 1.51E+07 0.72