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Table 2 Variable matrices optimized by nonlinear programming

From: Efficient estimation of the maximum metabolic productivity of batch systems

Variable Shape Description
\(\mathbf {X}\) \((N_X, N_K, N_\text{D})\) Nodes of the Lagrange polynomials interpolating \(\mathbf {x}(t)\)
\(\mathbf {Y}\) \((N_\text{F}, N_R)\) Fractional expression of each elementary mode by stage
\(\mathbf {A}\) \((N_K, N_\text{D})\) Total flux at each collocation point
\(\mathbf {h}\) \((N_\text{F})\) Length of each of the finite elements within a stage
  1. These matrices are flattened to a single parameter vector prior to being passed to IPOPT