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Table 1 Comparison of some of the key metrics of the enzyme production processes described in the techno-economic models of Humbird et al. [5] and Klein-Marcuschamer et al. [1], and the data from this study

From: Development of a low-cost cellulase production process using Trichoderma reesei for Brazilian biorefineries

  Humbird [5] Klein-Marcuschamer [1] This studya
Carbon source Glucose Steam-exploded poplar 83% Soybean hulls, 17% sugarcane molasses
C-source price ($/t) 580 60b 120
Enzyme yield from C-source (g/g) 0.24 0.13c 0.21
Final titer (g/l) 50 46 30.6
Production time (h) 120 192 120
Productivity (g/l h) 0.42 0.24 0.26
Nutrient cost ($/kg enzyme) 2.63 2.84 ~0.85
Total enzyme cost ($/kg) 4.24 10.14 N/D
  1. aConsidering the fermentation performed with VTT-BR-C0020 on a medium with a final concentration of 125 g/l soybean hulls and 25 g/l molasses TRS (Additional file 1: Figure S1)
  2. bCost assumed in the base scenario for native poplar, not including the cost of pre-treatment
  3. cYield from pre-treated poplar total solids