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Table 1 S. cerevisiae strains used in this work

From: Coupling gene regulatory patterns to bioprocess conditions to optimize synthetic metabolic modules for improved sesquiterpene production in yeast

Strain Genotype Resource/reference
CEN.PK2-1C MATa ura3-52 trp1-289 leu2-3,112 his3Δ 1 [44]
CEN.PK113-5D MATa ura3-52 [44]
CEN.PK113-7D MATa [44]
ILHA series strains  
oH5 oURA3 derivative; ERG9(1333, 1335)::yEGFP-CLN2 PEST-T URA3 -loxP-KlURA3-loxP [23]
N6D oH5 derivative; [pPMVAu8] [pPMVAd3] [pJT1] [23]
NC1D oH5 derivative; [pPMVAugw] [TRP1]a [pJT3] This work
o391 CEN.PK2-1C derivative; HMG2 K6R(−152 ,−1)::HIS3-T EFM1 <EfmvaS<P GAL1 P GAL10 >ACS2>T ACS2 P GAL2 >EfmvaE>T EBS1 –P GAL7 ; pdc5 (−31, 94)::P GAL2 >ERG12>T NAT5 –P TEF2 >ERG8>T IDP1 T PRM9 <MVD1<P ADH2 −T RPL15A <IDI1<P TEF1 -TRP1 This work
N391DA o391 derivative; ERG9(1333, 1335)::CLN2 PEST-T URA3 -loxP-KlURA3-loxP gal80::loxP-kanMX4-loxP [pJT9R] This work
oJ3 CEN.PK113-5D derivative; gal80::loxP-kanMX4-loxP This work
GH4J3 oJ3 derivative; ura3 (1, 704)::KlURA3 This work
G89J3 oJ3 derivative; ura3 (1, 704)::KlURA3-P TEF1 -yEGFP This work
GB5J3 oJ3 derivative; ura3 (1, 704)::KlURA3-P GAL1 -yEGFP This work
GB6J3 oJ3 derivative; ura3 (1, 704)::KlURA3-P GAL10 -yEGFP This work
GQ3J3 oJ3 derivative; ura3 (1, 704)::KlURA3-P GAL2 -yEGFP This work
GQ4J3 oJ3 derivative; ura3 (1, 704)::KlURA3-P GAL7 -yEGFP This work
  1. Symbol > or < indicates the direction of open reading frames
  2. a the plasmid pPMVAd36 was transformed