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Table 2 Plasmids used in this work

From: Coupling gene regulatory patterns to bioprocess conditions to optimize synthetic metabolic modules for improved sesquiterpene production in yeast

Plasmid Features Reference
pRS423 E. coli/S. cerevisiae shuttle plasmid; 2 μ, HIS3 [45]
pRS424 E. coli/S. cerevisiae shuttle plasmid; 2 μ, TRP1 [45]
pRS425 E. coli/S. cerevisiae shuttle plasmid; 2 μ, LEU2 [45]
pPMVAu8 pRS423: P RPL4A >EfmvaS>T EFM1 P RPL15A >EfmvaE>T EBS1 [23]
pPMVAd3 pRS424: P RPL8B >ERG12>T NAT5 –P SSB1 >ERG8>T IDP1 –P RPL3 >MVD1>T PRM9 –P YEF3 >IDI1>T RPL15A [23]
pJT1 pRS425: P TEF2 >ERG20>T RPL3 –P TEF1 –AcNES1-T RPL41B [23]
pPMVAugw pRS423: T EFM1 <EfmvaS<P CUP1 –P CUP1 >EfmvaE>T EBS1 This work
pIMVAu1 pRS423: HMG2 (−309,153)-HIS3-T EFM1 <EfmvaS<P GAL1 –P GAL10 >ACS2>T ACS2 –P GAL2 >EfmvaE>T EBS1 P GAL7 >HMG2 K6R(1, 292) This work
pPMVAd36 pRS424: P CUP1 >ERG12>T NAT5 P TEF2 >ERG8>T IDP1 –T PRM9 <MVD1<P TEF2 T RPL15A <IDI1<P TEF1 This work
pIMVAd39T pUC19: pdc5 (−277, −32)-P GAL2 >ERG12>T NAT5 –P TEF2 >ERG8>T IDP1 –T PRM9 <MVD1<P ADH2 –T RPL15A <IDI1<P TEF1 -TRP1-pdc5 (95,373) This work
pJT3 pRS425: T RPL3 <ScERG20<P CUP1 P CUP1 >AcNES1>T RPL41B This work
pJT9R pRS425: T RPL3 <ScERG20<P GAL1 P GAL2 >AcNES1>T RPL41B This work
pILGFP3 Yeast integration plasmid; yEGFP without promoter [33]
pILGH4 pILGFP3: with yEGFP removed [33]
pILGB6 pILGFP3: P GAL10 -yEGFP This work
pILGFPQ3 pILGFP3: P GAL2 -yEGFP This work
pITGFPQ4 pILGFP3: P GAL7 -yEGFP This work
  1. Symbol > or < indicates the direction of open reading frame