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Table 2 Composition of the media tested in the batch-growth experiments

From: Upgrading syngas fermentation effluent using Clostridium kluyveri in a continuous fermentation

Condition Ethanol (mM) Acetic acid (mM) Vitamins Trace elements Selenite–tungstate Yeast extract Bicarbonate
DSMZ 343 101 Y Y Y Y Y
SGP− 315 144 N N N N Y
SGPT− 315 144 Y Y Y N Y
SGPT+ 315 144 Y Y Y Y Y
SGM− 343 101 N N N N Y
SGMT- 343 101 Y Y Y N Y
P− 343 101 Y Y Y N Y
M− 343 101 Na Na Na N Y
  1. The test was carried out as three separate experiments, each time with DSMZ52 medium (DSMZ) as the control. Each medium contained the same COD concentration. Additions were made based on the DSMZ52 medium. Ethanol and acetic acid concentrations depicted here are the theoretical concentration
  2. N not added, Y added
  3. aThe vitamins and trace elements for the 2× Mock medium were used