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Fig. 1

From: Valorization of untreated rice bran towards bioflocculant using a lignocellulose-degrading strain and its use in microalgal biomass harvest

Fig. 1

Xylanase (a) and cellulase (b) of B. agaradhaerens C9 were evaluated using agar plates containing xylan or CMC. Images were captured at 48 h of culture. c Production of RBBF-C9 when different agricultural wastes were used as carbon source. B. agaradhaerens C9 was grown in the media containing 3 g/L yeast extract and different biomasses, and in the control media without inoculation of B. agaradhaerens C9. The medium added with 3 g/L yeast extract but without biomasses was used as blank. 100-μL fermentation broth was collected at 24 h of culture and used in the flocculating activity assay. The residues of lignocellulosic biomasses in the broths with (d) and without (e) inoculation of B. agaradhaerens C9. Images were captured at 24 h of culture

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