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Table 2 Lignin model compounds (LMC) and synthetic dyes used in this work

From: Oxidation of a non-phenolic lignin model compound by two Irpex lacteus manganese peroxidases: evidence for implication of carboxylate and radicals

Class Substrate Structure λ max (nm)
LMC: phenolic DMP 470
Guaiacol 465
LMC: non-phenolic VA 310
Other ABTS 420
Dye: monoazo Remazol brilliant violet 5R 556
Dye: disazo Reactive back 5 596
Dye: anthraquinone Remazol brilliant blue R 600
Dye: indigo Indigo carmine 610
Dye: triphenylmethane Methyl green 640