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Table 2 Plasmids used in this study

From: Metabolic engineering strategies for optimizing acetate reduction, ethanol yield and osmotolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Plasmid Characteristics Origin
p426-TEF (empty) 2 μ, URA3, TEF1p-CYC1t [75]
pMEL10 2 μ, KlURA3, SNR52p-gRNA.CAN1.Y-SUP4t [48]
pMEL11 2 μ, amdS, SNR52p-gRNA.CAN1.Y-SUP4t [48]
pROS10 KlURA3-gRNA.CAN1-2mu-gRNA.ADE2 [48]
pUDI076 pRS406-TDH3p-eutE-CYC1t [29]
pUDR103 2 μ, KlURA3, SNR52p-gRNA.SGA1.Y-SUP4t This work
pUDR119 2 μ, amdS, SNR52p-gRNA.SGA1.Y-SUP4t [76]
pUDR240 KlURA3-gRNA.GPD1-2mu-gRNA.GPD2 This work
pUDR264 2 μ, amdS, SNR52p-gRNA.ALD6.Y-SUP4t This work
pMK-RQ-gpsA Delivery vector, codon-optimized gpsA ORF GeneArt, Germany