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Table 9 Hydrogen yields of different substrates.

From: Integrated systems for biopolymers and bioenergy production from organic waste and by-products: a review of microbial processes

Substrate Strain Hydrogen yield References
Sucrose Clostridium butyricum CGS5 2.78 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [159]
Glucose Escherichia coli strains 2 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [162]
Glucose Thermotoga neapolitana 1.6 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [155]
Molasses Thermotoga neapolitana 2.6 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [155]
Rice straw Thermotoga neapolitana 2.7 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [156]
Cheese whey Thermotoga neapolitana 2.4 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [155]
Cheese whey Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum ATCC 27021 2.7 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [161]
Starch Mesophilic bacterium HN001 2 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [163]
Starch Mixed culture from compost 133 [ml H2 g−1 hexose] [166]
Cellulose Mixed culture from sludge 92 [ml H2 g−1 hexose] [164]
Mixed waste Mixed culture from anaerobic digestion sludge 201 [ml H2 g−1 hexose] [168]
Food waste Mixed culture from anaerobic digestion sludge 210 [ml H2 g−1 hexose] [167]
Acetate Rhodopseudomonas palustris WP3-5 in Photobioreactor 62.3 [mol H2 mol−1 substrate] [120]
Rice husk Clostridium butyricum CGS5 17.24 [mmol H2 g−1 cellulose] [160]