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TableĀ 4 Alternate separation configurations for study 1 using successive integer cuts

From: Synthesis and analysis of separation networks for the recovery of intracellular chemicals generated from microbial-based conversions

Configuration # Technologies selected Overall cost ($/kg) (% increase) Separation cost ($/kg)
Best case Flc, Cnt1, Ahy, Cnt2, Ddg, Cnt3, Dry 10.34 (NA) 8.69
2nd best Flc, Cnt1, Ahy, Cnt2, Slb, Cnt4, Prc, MF4, Dry 10.69 (3.38%) 9.05
3rd best Flc, Cnt1, Ely, Cnt2, Ddg, Cnt3, Dry 10.96 (5.99%) 9.41
4th best Flc, Cnt1, Ahy, Cnt2, Slb, MF3, Prc, MF4, Dry 11.18 (8.12%) 9.36