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Fig. 4

From: Boosting LPMO-driven lignocellulose degradation by polyphenol oxidase-activated lignin building blocks

Fig. 4

UV response areas of 21 reducing agents incubated in the presence and absence of MtPPO7. The total sum is shown of integrated peak areas of 21 reducing agents (2 mM) with (yellow bar) and without (red bar) addition of MtPPO7 (5.0 μg mL−1). The reducing agents are numbered (bold on the left) and specified in Table 1. Samples were incubated in a 50 mM potassium phosphate buffer (pH = 6.0) containing 2.5 µM copper(II)-chloride for 24 h at 50 °C and measured by UHPLC-UV (280 nm). Bold numbers on the right reducing agents conversion (%) by MtPPO7, which is based on the difference of integrated peak areas (UV 280 nm) of the reducing agents incubated with MtPPO7 compared to the incubation of reducing agents only. All incubations were performed in duplicate. See “Methods” for details

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