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Table 1 Detected protein spots and differences between samples

From: Metaproteomics-guided selection of targeted enzymes for bioprospecting of mixed microbial communities

Sample Amount (mg)a Number of spots Diff. Match rate 1 (%)b Match rate 2 (%)c New or 2 times upregulatedd New or 2 times upregulatede
Ind96 h 1.42 525   99 58   
Ref96 h 0.74 484 41 97 53 62 21
Ind24 h 0.52 337 188 97 37 54
  1. aFrom 100 ml cell suspension supernatant concentrated to 10 ml
  2. bMatch rate 1 denotes the ability to find spots on the constructed master gel also in an individual gel and gives an indication of the quality of the gels and gel matching
  3. cMatch rate 2 denotes the percentage of matched spots on an individual gel relative to the total number of spots on the master gel
  4. dInd96 h compared to the respective reference
  5. eInd96 h compared to both references combined