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Table 1 Comparison of the hydrolytic activity of purified rhTrEG I and rhTrEG II expressed in Y. lipolytica on various cellulosic substrates

From: Conferring cellulose-degrading ability to Yarrowia lipolytica to facilitate a consolidated bioprocessing approach

  Specific activity (μmol/min/mg)
Avicel β-1, 4 glucan β-1, 3 glucan CMC PASC Cellotriose
EG I 0.04 18.0 0.5 12.8 9.0 1.1
EG II 0.02 11.3 0.2 11.6 7.1 0.1
  1. The mean value of three independent experiments is shown, and the standard deviation is less than 10%