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Table 2 Statistics of trimmed reads and unigenes of L.glauca fruits by different sequencing strategies

From: Integrated analysis of 454 and Illumina transcriptomic sequencing characterizes carbon flux and energy source for fatty acid synthesis in developing Lindera glauca fruits for woody biodiesel

Sequencing strategy and assembly Trimmed reads Unigenes
Number Mean length (bp) Number Mean length (bp)
Illumina sequencing
 50 DAF 27,921,143 92.85 130,827 608.44
 125 DAF 29,036,556 92.63
 150 DAF 24,297,910 92.12
454 sequencing 957,341 518.48 70,432 822.74
Short- and long-read assembly    60,031 1061.95
  1. Three representative fruit samples from 50, 125 and 150 DAF and one mixed sample from seven different developing stages were selected for Illumina and 454 sequencing, respectively. The unigenes separately obtained from long read and short read (201,259 in total) was reconciled by TGICL software