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Table 1 Summary of the QM6a genome sequencing and assembly results

From: Trichoderma reesei complete genome sequence, repeat-induced point mutation, and partitioning of CAZyme gene clusters

Total sequenced bases 3,397,762,180 bp
Max of all assembled unitigs 6,835,650 bp
N50 of all assembled unitigs 5,311,312 bp
Number reads 263,312 bp
N50 reads 18,236 bp
Phred quality score 48.8
Unitigs Seven linear chromosomes
Circular mitochondrial genome
Coverage 81.4× (7 chromosomes)
2437.6× (mitochondria)
Genome size 34,922,528 bp (7 chromosomes)
42,139 bp (mitochondria)
Unidentified bases (N) 0 bp
GC content 51.1%
Predicted genes 10,877 (1630 new genes)