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Table 5 Comparison between A. donax transcriptome and S. italica and A. thaliana transcripts for cellulose biosynthesis

From: De novo assembly, functional annotation, and analysis of the giant reed (Arundo donax L.) leaf transcriptome provide tools for the development of a biofuel feedstock

Gene symbol Gene name Accession no.a Species No. of A. donax transcripts
CesA1 Cellulose synthase A1 Seita.5G122700.1 S. italica 7
CesA2 Cellulose synthase A2 AT4G39350.1 A. thaliana 6
CesA2 Cellulose synthase A2 Seita.4G211600.1 S. italica 4
CesA3 Cellulose synthase A3 Seita.2G115400.1 S. italica 6
CesA4 Cellulose synthase A4 Seita.9G227400.1 S. italica 1
CesA5 Cellulose synthase A5 Seita.9G020600.1 S. italica 6
CesA6 Cellulose synthase A6 AT5G64740.1 A. thaliana 7
CesA6 Cellulose synthase A6 Seita.3G332300.1 S. italica 4
CesA8 Cellulose synthase A8 Seita.5G319100.1 S. italica 3
CslB1 Cellulose synthase-like B1 Seita.1G268900.1 S. italica 3
CslD1 Cellulose synthase-like D1 AT2G33100.2 A. thaliana 2
CslE6 Cellulose synthase-like E6 Seita.2G243900.1 S. italica 2
  1. A total of nine S. italica transcripts and three A. thaliana transcripts involved in cellulose biosynthesis showed homology with A. donax transcripts
  2. aPhytozome (v11.0) accession numbers