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Table 1 Management strategies, current applications of poplar from short rotation forestry system (SRF), and short rotation coppice system (SRC)

From: Can we use short rotation coppice poplar for sugar based biorefinery feedstock? Bioconversion of 2-year-old poplar grown as short rotation coppice

  Short rotation coppice (SRC) Short rotation forestry (SRF)
Management strategies
 Tree density (stand/ha) ≥1500 [12] 500–1500 [11, 12]
 Plantation rotation (years) 2–5 [15] 8–20 [11, 13]
 Productivity (odtd/ha year) Up to 25 [10]a 6.1–16.3 [14]b
 Harvest biomass (%) ~100 30 [16]
Applications Heat and power Pulpwood, sawlog, and lumber
Price ($/odt) N/Ac 50–120 [17]
  1. aLeafless total coppice data
  2. bSaw log component data
  3. cFeedstock market price of SRC not available
  4. d“odt” stands for oven dry tonne