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Fig. 1

From: Directed evolution of a β-mannanase from Rhizomucor miehei to improve catalytic activity in acidic and thermophilic conditions

Fig. 1

Amino acid sequence similarity of mRmMan5A and RmMan5A with other GH family 5 β-mannanases. Numbers on the left are the residue number of the first amino acid in each line. Sequences listed include the β-mannanases from Chaetomium sp. CQ31 (ADW82104.1), Humicola sp. Y1 (ADZ99301.1), Aspergillus terreus NIH2624 (EAU29440), Phanerochaete chrysosporium (ABG79371.1), Agaricus bisporus (CAB76904.1), and Trichoderma reesei (AAA34208.1). The single-letter amino acid code is used. Identical residues are shaded in black, and conserved residues are shaded in gray. The locations of three substitutions (Tyr233His, Lys264Met, and Asn343Ser) are boxed in red, green, and blue, respectively

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