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Table 1 Activities measured for the conversion of R-5-P to 3-PGA in nanostructure-multienzyme complexes with R. eutropha form I (FI) or R. rubrum form II (FII) RubisCO, PRK and PRI

From: Synthetic CO2-fixation enzyme cascades immobilized on self-assembled nanostructures that enhance CO2/O2 selectivity of RubisCO

Enzyme cascade Combined activitya (μmoles/min-mg) % Activity ret.b
Unbound FI/PRK/PRI 4.08 100
FI/PRK/PRI-nanotube A 3.39 83
FI/PRK/PRI-nanotube B 3.49 86
FI/PRK/PRI-nanofiber C 3.94 97
Unbound FII, PRK and PRI 3.03 100
FII/PRK/PRI-nanotube A 2.45 81
FII/PRK/PRI-nanotube B 2.52 83
FII/PRK/PRI-nanofiber C 1.90 63
  1. aCalculated from stable 14CO2 fixed
  2. bActivities retained are presented relative to an unbound enzyme mixture comprising all three enzymes. Activity numbers are from one of two independently prepared and assayed nanostructure complexes that yielded similar results