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Fig. 3

From: Modeling and simulation of the redox regulation of the metabolism in Escherichia coli at different oxygen concentrations

Fig. 3

Simulation results of the metabolic changes with respect to DO level in wild-type E. coli. The changes in the metabolic (fermentation) products (a), and the activities of transcription factors, intracellular metabolites, and fluxes (b) with respect to DO level. The specific ATP production rate (c) and specific NADH production/consumption rates (d) are shown for the DO levels of 0, 3, 8, and 40% of air saturation, representatives of conditions I, II, III, and IV, respectively, where (I) anaerobic condition (DO = 0%); (II) micro-aerobic conditions under which both Fnr and ArcA are active; (III) micro-aerobic conditions under which ArcA is primarily active; and (IV) aerobic conditions under which neither Fnr nor ArcA is active. The simulation results show the product concentrations at the time point at which 10 g/l of glucose was depleted in a batch culture

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