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Fig. 7

From: Identification of developmental stage and anatomical fraction contributions to cell wall recalcitrance in switchgrass

Fig. 7

Abundance of select major non-cellulosic glycan epitopes in chemical extracts from stem, sheath, and leaf anatomical fractions of internodes I1 (a), and extracts from stem internodes I1–I5 (b). Full glycome profiles can be found in the Additional file 1. Extracts were screened by ELISA using a comprehensive suite of cell wall glycan-directed mAbs as described in "Methods". Binding response values are depicted as heat maps with blackredbright yellow color scheme representing from no binding to strongest binding. The amount of carbohydrate material recovered per gram of AIR is depicted in the bar graphs (green) above the heat maps. The panel on the right-hand side of the heat map shows the groups of mAbs based on the class of cell wall glycan they each recognize

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